Walking the Streets of Paris

Imagine that you were in Paris, getting a coffee, walking to meet a friend, and all of sudden you come across a group of boys sitting in the corner of a cafe playing they're instruments. Now these boys are American, and happen to be quite famous. They are Vampire Weekend, aka basically one of my favorite bands of all time. Now thanks to Scotty, I get to see it. Scotty has shown me La Blogotheque, this blog is a collection of videos of artists performing their music live, and it appears that it is mostly impromtu and in the streets. Now these guys have gotten a lot of people to do this for them from Sufjan to Radiohead to Animal Collective to of course Vampire Weekend. Its really great because you get to see the artists up close and personal, you get to see them embarrassed to be impromtu performing for people that probably have never heard their music. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.