So I should be studying right now for a Psych test that I don't know the material on, but anyways, I have found this! Yes a cape, a beautiful, beautiful herringbone cape! I found it on an Etsy vintage site called halfCaf. It is $65.00, which actually seems reasonably priced, and the seller has lots of other great things, which are priced well too. Now I know this is not the best color but when you think about it, its perfect! Today if they made that it would giant black and white with red houndstooth, which is something that everyone has. So this piece really is perfect --I mean if your into this kind of stuff-- it screams vintage, and like a rainy day in the English/Scottish countryside, and you need a cape because it's so much more practical to wear because of course you'll be riding a horse, and a long pea coat will just bunch up around your shoulders and I think we all know that that is not comfy. And so if you aren't me--aka have more money to spend on vintage outerwear--buy this right now, because its soooooo worth it.


Pretty Little Dirty

So one of my friends S.H. showed these to me, these absolutely adorable pair of panties from Steven Alan ($35). And at first I was confused because S. is a boy, I was like why would you like these, they aren't sexy, they're almost old fashioned, but then it just hit me. They are romantic, that's the whole point, they evoke this idea that lingerie doesn't have to be either lacy or ugly or from the Pink section of Victoria's Secret. They're just cute and that's it, and that is why I love them. Yes they are a bit pricey for a pair of underwear, but I think they would be worth it because you would feel so amazing in them, and they would make all your cares go away, well not all of them, but your boyfriend would get a kick out of them.


Some say yes....they should say no.

So in my last post I talked about how excited I was for certain trends that were appearing in the Spring Collections. I also mentioned that to my disappointment Harem pants were back in style. Well as I was looking on Nasty Gal Vintage, I came across this unfortunate looking garment. They are black and with a green elephant print, and to add to it there are rhinestone encrusted red buttons at the ankle cuffs. I have to agree to with some people that on occasion this will work, you have to wear heals with them and a more subtle top, but just because they are back does not mean that you should wear them. We all remember the 90s and when were making fun of the parachute pants, where have those days gone, what kind of world do we live in that these are now acceptable to wear outside of an 80s dance party?


Scallops and Shapes

The January issue of British Vogue came with a small zine on all the trends in the new spring collections and of course I was ecstatic when I saw that gold and color-blocking was back in. And then I freaked when I saw that nude colors(pale pinks, corals, and beiges) were in as well because I was at the time making a pale pink dress for an upcoming dance. Then they're were the other things that baffled me, mostly why were harem pants all of a sudden back in? They are awful, you have to be ridiculously skinny and tall(and I am not) to pull them off. The one thing that struck me the most was that flow-y shapes were coming into play, the one that poped out the most to me was this Christoper Kane Scalloped silk dress($5,165). It has so many layers, and it gives even the stick models curves. Others that had the same idea was Karl Lagerfeld, he did not have the scallops but he had a beautiful tea dress with square sillouette cut-outs, which is fabulous!


Wincing The Night Away

Now as a person who suffers from terrible vision I had come to the conclusion that I would never find a pair of glasses that would look good on my face(one of my ears is higher then the other making smaller glasses look lopsided) until I found these Nerd Alert Glasses($30). A friend introduce
d me to Nastygal, which is an online vintage store, which also has new vintage-esque apparel and accessories. She of course happens to be getting a pair too. Other good finds from the store would be the red rope belt(&48),
platform oxfords($88) and the abstract printed tank dress($108) and Victor Costa Architecture dress($248).


sixties style

beach bunny

desert moon