Walking the Streets of Paris

Imagine that you were in Paris, getting a coffee, walking to meet a friend, and all of sudden you come across a group of boys sitting in the corner of a cafe playing they're instruments. Now these boys are American, and happen to be quite famous. They are Vampire Weekend, aka basically one of my favorite bands of all time. Now thanks to Scotty, I get to see it. Scotty has shown me La Blogotheque, this blog is a collection of videos of artists performing their music live, and it appears that it is mostly impromtu and in the streets. Now these guys have gotten a lot of people to do this for them from Sufjan to Radiohead to Animal Collective to of course Vampire Weekend. Its really great because you get to see the artists up close and personal, you get to see them embarrassed to be impromtu performing for people that probably have never heard their music. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.


My Favorite Holiday, What?

Oh 4/20, what would life be like without you? I would say dismal. Here is a little something to put you in the right mood courtesy of NYLON and inspired by the stoners religious guide Dazed and Confused.


Tea Party

Leith and I have been trying to have a tea party for the longest time, and so because of that I have felt the need to look for party dresses. Last summer for some reason I wore an old white silk negligee that I stole from my mom and a jean skirt, it just worked well. But for this summer I need to renew my dress collection, and I think something along the lines of these will work.

Lily Kitty tulip dress found on Pixie Market. I like this, however its made of entirely polyester, and that just won't do in the Annapolis humidity. But then again, I will always sacrifice for looking good. This cute little thing is from Bluebird Vintage, basically the perfect thing for an afternoon tea party.
I LOVE THIS, I'm all about chiffon. Anzevino and Florence found on 80s Purple. I'm actually thinking about making a dress very similar to this, except pink, but the navy intrigues me.

I love the simplicity of this, and of course the pockets. Converse by John Varvatos, also found on 80s Purple. This work well for night, and if I end up hostessing again this summer, it work well for that too. Not to slutty, but still attractive, aka perfect for work.

Something Silly

So my friend Julia came across this website a while back, and it basically was about these Japanese girls dumping their purses onto scanners and then posting the pictures onto the site. Well I got bored tonight and decided to do, nothing much interesting. Vogue, Nylon, composition notebook (that I use for all of my classes), pens, pencils, earrings, keys, Tarte lipgloss (I have Jake and Samantha), Burts Bees chapstick, Lorac lip/cheeck stain ( I have Sheer Emotion), Mat and Nat vegan leather wallet, my passport, exacto knife, and my Watchmen button.


Rain Rain Go AWAY!!

I have been in a torrential downpour for the last week, Georgia is supposed to be in a drought for christs-sake. And because of that I have no rain coat or boots or anything to get me through this mess. So here are some pretty little things to get through this glum time.

A bejeweled rain coat from Emma Cook, I think is what I really need. Like really.

Oh Ed Westwick

So I found this picture of the beautiful Ed Westwick on 2 hot 2 handle via yahoo. Leith thinks its gross, and I would agree. But when I was in Scotland for New Years, I saw many a kilt, and they made the guys look so HOT!! A man in a skirt is a man who is confident, like it made me swoon when I saw them. And of course I can't find a descent picture of one, but just trust me.


Brush Yo Teeth

Meet the Wisp, the cool new brush on the go. And it actually works!