Tea Party

Leith and I have been trying to have a tea party for the longest time, and so because of that I have felt the need to look for party dresses. Last summer for some reason I wore an old white silk negligee that I stole from my mom and a jean skirt, it just worked well. But for this summer I need to renew my dress collection, and I think something along the lines of these will work.

Lily Kitty tulip dress found on Pixie Market. I like this, however its made of entirely polyester, and that just won't do in the Annapolis humidity. But then again, I will always sacrifice for looking good. This cute little thing is from Bluebird Vintage, basically the perfect thing for an afternoon tea party.
I LOVE THIS, I'm all about chiffon. Anzevino and Florence found on 80s Purple. I'm actually thinking about making a dress very similar to this, except pink, but the navy intrigues me.

I love the simplicity of this, and of course the pockets. Converse by John Varvatos, also found on 80s Purple. This work well for night, and if I end up hostessing again this summer, it work well for that too. Not to slutty, but still attractive, aka perfect for work.


  1. I love the third one! Navy is so wonderful it adds so much drama to a simple cut.
    Thanks for the comment!

  2. Weren't we supposed to have one last weekend? that was a bust. oh and tell your brother to bring my leather jacket to galway. or something. actually just tell him to find it.

  3. Um please have a tea party...I will so be there. Also, I still have your negligee