Something Old, Something New, Something Gossipy, Something Blue

Sometimes the world flies around you. Sometimes it stops. Sometimes it wobbles. In January, it careens. It drips. January loves us. February does everything. February doesn't know if it loves us. February lies in a mess between what has happened and what has just begun, what is about to be and what we hope. Its grey and dismal and holds an empty holiday.

Goodbye January, hello February.

Things to say goodbye to:
The bush administration
Pushing Daisies
Heath Ledger
China's reputation
hopefully bubble skirts (Amanda says sometimes they look good, i disagree)
Rock of Love Charm School
Twilight books series...thank God. (Amanda cried)
Christen's weave
Girls Next Door
American shame
any chance at a Holly and Hef wedding and baby
Real Housewives of Atlanta
The Anonymity of Good Music

Things to Welcome:
Real World Brooklyn (Yea Trans exposure!)
Karissa and Kristinna Shannon
The Brad and Angelina spawn
American fame
Criss Angel
kinky sex
Real Housewives Orange County
Britney Spears
The Overexposure and Subsequent Cheapening of Good Music
Nadi's Social Life
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Alice in Wonderland
Where the Wild Things Are

Today C was walking down the quad when she slapped A across the face for sleep with the notorious E. Sweet little J was so dissapointed in the turn of events of the weekend that she took up smoking! Tsk Tsk, little J. Big J came to campus and proposed to A, will they tie the knot? Medium J gave little J a present.....who knows what will come of this?

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