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Trying to find dresses for summer I came across this little number, now yes it is not exactly the most practical thing ever, but who really cares. My friend L. and I were looking at dress somewhat similar on Bluebird Vintage, but of course it's gone now. So I now have gone on a search for other pretty little things like this.Now problem with this style is that its hard to find actually vintage pieces in good enough shape, and the possibility of thrifting a descent one seems somewhat slim in my eyes. So what do you do? Well you raid your grandmother's (or even a great-grandma) closet, or their attic. I know that personally I've found some really great pieces, and I've updated them (going as far as wearing them backwards because for some reason it just looks better that way). But if your grandmother unfortunately threw away all of her good work clothes without thinking that her grand-daughter/son would want them in the future, here are few other possiblities.
This is a Tory Burch Fletcher , only problem I see with this is that it is wool, but I personally am one of those freaks that will wear a wool skirt that was definatley made for fall only in the summer, because it looks better without tights. So with this I feel the same, I would rough the humid weather of Maryland and wear this on an evening out.

Now yes this not quite 60s work place but there was something about this Miu Miu dress that caught my attention, it was probably the pockets. But I love the high collar, and it would be something that could easily be worn to work, and then move to night, or just for night. And another good thing about this dress is that you would just need to throw it on.
Yes this is not a dress, but I felt it went along with the theme, and I have a thing for coats.

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