Scallops and Shapes

The January issue of British Vogue came with a small zine on all the trends in the new spring collections and of course I was ecstatic when I saw that gold and color-blocking was back in. And then I freaked when I saw that nude colors(pale pinks, corals, and beiges) were in as well because I was at the time making a pale pink dress for an upcoming dance. Then they're were the other things that baffled me, mostly why were harem pants all of a sudden back in? They are awful, you have to be ridiculously skinny and tall(and I am not) to pull them off. The one thing that struck me the most was that flow-y shapes were coming into play, the one that poped out the most to me was this Christoper Kane Scalloped silk dress($5,165). It has so many layers, and it gives even the stick models curves. Others that had the same idea was Karl Lagerfeld, he did not have the scallops but he had a beautiful tea dress with square sillouette cut-outs, which is fabulous!


  1. harem pants look like diapers.
    like diapers for retired nijas who are getting on in years and need help with those sorts of things.

  2. I love color blocking so much I'm glad it's back in but again with the harmen pants? there is a reason why nobody listens to MC Hammer anymore...