So I should be studying right now for a Psych test that I don't know the material on, but anyways, I have found this! Yes a cape, a beautiful, beautiful herringbone cape! I found it on an Etsy vintage site called halfCaf. It is $65.00, which actually seems reasonably priced, and the seller has lots of other great things, which are priced well too. Now I know this is not the best color but when you think about it, its perfect! Today if they made that it would giant black and white with red houndstooth, which is something that everyone has. So this piece really is perfect --I mean if your into this kind of stuff-- it screams vintage, and like a rainy day in the English/Scottish countryside, and you need a cape because it's so much more practical to wear because of course you'll be riding a horse, and a long pea coat will just bunch up around your shoulders and I think we all know that that is not comfy. And so if you aren't me--aka have more money to spend on vintage outerwear--buy this right now, because its soooooo worth it.

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